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UnlockiPhoneDealer.com is an independent small firm that supply unlock iPhones services with added valued features  such as a third party unlocking iPhone IMEI service with iPhone network providers, We provide knowledge based education about unlocking iPhone and other tools to assist you understanding in depth about Unlocking iPhone device. UnlockiPhoneDealer.com is not affiliated with any Company nor network provider, nor device manufacture all contents of UnlockiPhoneDealer.com are subjected to copyrights.

In order to use UnlockiPhoneDealer.com services, you must first agree to the terms of use UnlockiPhoneDealer.com to proceed register and access to your membership access page otherwise you may not use our services that violate using our services.

UnlockiPhoneDealer.com reserve the right to change the terms of use at any time. without any notices  Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website and it is your responsibility to read the terms it will take effect immediately and the updates will be posted in terms of use page.

Description of term of use our services

UnlockiPhoneDealer.com offers official, legal & fast Unlock iPhone IMEI code to free your locked device to use any other SIM card with other network carrier limitation depends on your network provider device. You able to check and validate your IMEI code to make sure your iPhone IMEI is been confirmed for unlocking!. UnlockiPhoneDealer.com  is not providing any unlocking software to change your iPhone settings or functionality of your device.

You will receive the service once you made a payment you would be forward to register an account. our team will be glad to process your iPhone unlocking order. you will be notified once your iPhone is unlocked! by Email you provided in registration form and also you can check the status in the membership login page. We offer knowledge based education feature when you have any question or you need advice about specific unlocking iPhone concern.


UnlockiPhoneDealer.com provide our members to up to date unlocking iPhone solution for your Network, Un blacklist, iCloud Removal Requests to the Mobile Networks and we are not responsible for your company outcome.You can Authorise us to contact your Lock network on your behalf through our “iPhone Network Provider Unlock Request Tool” in the membership area. heads up with limitation which be provided by your carrier.


Delivery Policy:

After payment occurred there is 24 hours waiting cold period to allow us to offer you the unlocking iPhone device. within the time you will receive a notification by email that your status of unlocking iPhone device or login to your account to check the status. We are not responsible for any delay from responds from your network provider  “iPhone Network Provider Unlock Request Tool” in the membership area.


We offer 100% money back  from any circumstances happen such as errors. some cases we could refuse to offer money back such as violating our service agreement. If UnlockiPhoneDealer.com already has unlocked your device with the services are provided, there is no way for money back policy.


UnlockiPhoneDealer.com have the right to terminate any order of any customer who are violating our service agreement without any notice. We also can terminate and remove your account from our platform from any user are interrupting and performing any damage to our system.

Please ensure you read the disclaimer below.
Due to recent changes in legislation relating to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), we are forbidden to unlock U.S. devices purchased on or after January 26th, 2013 unless permission from the current service provider has been granted. We will not be held liable for unknowingly providing an unlock for a device that was purchased after this date. Phones purchased before this date may still legally be unlocked in accordance to the exemption provided in the act. All U.S. customers seeking to unlock their phone fully agree to having purchased their cell phone prior to January 26, 2013, or unlocking a “legacy” or “older generation” cell phone out of contract from a U.S. carrier. We will not knowingly give any advice, provide any service to or be held legally liable for the customer’s actions if an order is placed to unlock a phone purchased after January 26, 2013. By making a purchase you accept full responsibility for complying with all local, national, and international laws.

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